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Art Club

The Art Club aims to develop its students to reach their full artistic potential through the use of various media in Art and Craft as well as providing them with interactive experiences with the public using Art as a language. Students are exposed to three core modules: Ceramics, Drawing and painting and Mixed media as they progress from lower primary to upper primary. Through the experimentation of techniques and choices of materials, students are given the opportunity to be expressive and communicate their ideas during brainstorming sessions and embrace an innovative culture.

Educational Highlights

Bubble Art

Art Club members gained a deeper understanding of primary colours through an engaging and fun bubble art activity. Pupils blew coloured bubbles made of primary colours (blue, red, yellow) outdoors and “caught” these bubbles on their drawing paper where the bubbles would burst and form different coloured rings, creating a blend of colours. This enabled them to experience the mixing of primary colours and the birth of secondary colours.



Ceramics ( A is for Art! - a  collaborative project with ACM) 

In 2014, the school embarked on a collaborative ceramic project with Asians Civilization Museum (ACM) - A is for Art! Pupils were taught how to appreciate ceramics using a different approach. For the first time, Senior Art Club members were exposed to the ACM Museum as part of their learning journey and learnt about their resources and developed another perspective to understanding Ceramics. 


S6 Cluster Workshop for Students


SYF 2014 Wearable Attire

In conjunction with SYF Celebrations 2014, our Art Club pupils took part in the ‘Wearable Arttire’ held at Gardens by the Bay. Our pupils designed their own costume using recycled materials such as the school badges, bubble wrap, used clothes, newspaper, dolly paper, skipping ropes and CD-Roms. Our school garnered the most number of votes by the public through Facebook and we walked away with the ‘Voters’ Choice Award’. Without the strong support and teamwork from the teachers and our stakeholders, this would not have been possible. Indeed, it was a great opportunity to expose our students’ talent and creativity.


PCF Learning Journey

A number of PCF students have been exploring the school as part of their Learning Journey since July 2014. Some of the lower primary Art Club members: Eugene, Eryna, Darielle, Michelle and Shy Yuan from Primary four, participated in leading an art activity of making party hats to engage the younger ones. Not only did the pupils spoke confidently, but they also had demonstrated graciousness, teamwork and innovation when they had suggested to award prizes for the best creative hat from each group. The younger ones had enjoyed themselves.


SYF Art labs @ Gardens by the Bay

As part of the Singapore Youth Festival Celebrations 2014, Senior Art Club members participated in the Art Labs at Gardens by the Bay on 6 July 2014.  The objective was to bond with the public through the making of friendship bands followed by leaving their imprint with the school as they string an outline of heart made out of pushpins. The pupils loved the idea and ventured out to purchase the materials by setting up their own budget. Also, the pupils ventured out and reached out to the people from all walks of life.  From the logistics to the executing of the event, the pupils loved this meaningful experience and despite the long hours, they persevered on and didn’t let go of their determination. The school received good feedback from the public commending on their patience and dedication to the event.