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Brownies CCA is a uniformed group for young girls in the Primary Schools. It is under Girl Guides, an educational youth Movement.  It provides opportunities for girls to develop leadership and decision-making as well as life skills through activities such as games, crafts work and learning journeys.



Aim :

- To enable girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

- To cultivate students to find happiness in helping others.

 Core Values :

Team Spirit

Brownies will learn to work together as a Brownie Pack.


Brownies will learn to provide service to the school and community.


Brownies do not give up easily.


Brownies will always uphold the Brownie Law.



Tweenie (First Year)



New member, required to complete Golden Badge Test

Required to complete Golden Bar and Golden Hand Tests, Proficiency Badges tests



World Thinking Day

On 22 February, Teck Ghee Brownies celebrated World Thinking Day to commemorate Brownies and Girl Guides all over the world. It is a day in which they celebrate the birth of the Guiding Movement, as well as the founders, Lord Baden Powell and his wife.

A brief ceremony was conducted to begin the day, where the girls recapped their Brownies’ promise. This was followed by the World Thinking Day message, written by Mrs Joy Balakrishnan and read out by Mrs Esther Lee.

On this special day, Teck Ghee Brownies were very active in fund-raising activities during recess. They helped to put up a game stall in which all students could play for free. They also sold handmade friendship bands and ‘fuzzy wuzzies’ for 50 cents each. These funds that were collected were donated to the association each year as part of the World Thinking Day programme.

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