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Teachers-in-charge: Ms Priscilla Pan, Ms Eileen Liew, Mdm Juliana and Ms Eunice Lim

Hong Kong Exchange Programme 


A group of Choir students were privileged to participate in the Hong Kong Exchange end of last year. The exchange not only allowed students to increase their global outlook, they also learnt about the culture and music of the place. They visited some places such as the Victoria Peak, Tai O Fishing Village, Sky 100, Ngong Ping and many more. They had the opportunity and honour to perform in Hong Kong Disneyland as well as at the Tai Po Auditorium. Students had a short interaction time with other performers from the Music Office Children and Youth Choir. Students benefited from the Choir Workshop and learnt new vocal techniques as well as projection. The opera workshop was an eye opener for the students.


Click here to watch the pupils performing at SYF!

         Our school choir is under the baton of our professional instructress, Ms Tan Ping Chuen. The children have been exposed to a wide array of songs ranging from classical, baroque to modern familiar pieces. On top of that, the children learn to sing songs from different languages such as French, Japanese to Latin American.


          The main objectives of the choir CCA serves to develop an appreciation for the Arts and to maximize students’ potential in Performing Arts. Furthermore, through the various platforms of performances, students with promising abilities are given opportunities to develop to their personal best. For instance, the school choir has participated in various external celebrations and events such as the Teck Ghee CC National Day Observance Ceremony, Racial Harmony Day at Teck Ghee CC, Ensemble Series at Singapore Conference Hall. 

        Some choir members were also involved in the vocal production and presentation for the Green Carpet Award theme song, commemorating "50 years of Greening Singapore". They also had the opportunity to participate in the recording of the Lee Kuan Yew Project Sing-A-Kids for Bilingualism and the Sanden theme song for the Sanden 40th Anniversary Dinner.

          In order to broaden students’ experiences, past Overseas Exchange Programme had been conducted in Malaysia. Students will perform for their friends in the hosting school. Likewise, they will also learn about the culture and tradition of Malaysia.

       We had a tremendously fruitful SYF preparation in the last Arts Presentation. Students toiled and learnt what it meant to work with team spirit and perseverance. Our lovely parents who readily volunteered to help in every way and for the stunning hairdos, making our kids looked gorgeously presentable. It was truly commendable as both the students and parents showed forth the TGPS can do Spirit


  SYF Arts Presentation – Certificate of Accomplishment (2014 and 2016)

   The Conrad Hotel was filled with the melodious voices of our students as they sang the Sanden theme song. 

 Our Choir students singing with gusto during the Annual National Day Observance Ceremony which is graced by PM Lee.


The students were recording the songs entitled, “Racial Harmony” and “Birthday”, which were being compiled for the Lee Kuan Yew Project Sing-A-Kids for Bilingualism.

TGPS first ever musical in 2013 - The Enchanted Woods