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Professional and experienced instructors are engaged to guide members in the acquisition of relevant skills. Members have staged countless performances in school and at national platforms.


To promote appreciation of Chinese Culture through playing of Guzheng.

  • To provide interested pupils with exposure and experience in learning and mastering the skills of Guzheng.
  • To develop greater sense of team spirit and responsibilities in member.

Essential skills to be taught:

Basic instrumental skills
  • Aural skills
  • Music literacy
guzheng 1.JPG

                      Teck Ghee CCC Bursary & Edusave Awards (14 January 2017) at Townsville Primary School

guzheng 2.JPG

                                     Teck Ghee Chinese Musical Night ( 25 March 2017 ) at Teck Ghee Primary School

Core Values:

Team Spirit

Members will learn to play together as an ensemble.


Members will learn to encourage and care for fellow members in the ensemble.


Members will have to persevere as practices increases in frequency.


Members will be self-disciplined to come for practices and to improve on their individual skills.

Competition and Past Achievements 

 2014 Singapore Youth Festival 2014 Art Presentation for Guzheng Ensemble (Certificate of Accomplishment)
 2012Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging of Instrumental Ensembles 2012: Gold Award 
 2010 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging of Instrumental Ensembles 2010: Gold (with Honours) Award

2012 : Performance at Okto Live