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2Robotics Club offers ample opportunities for pupils to learn the fundamental skills
of programming and the assembly of Lego bricks in a fun and engaging way. Pupils can learn
the programming of Robots to perform specific functions of a desired task.

Aim :
- To equip pupils with the basic skills of Robotics programming so that they can engage their
creativity in the use of Robots to perform tasks.
- To provide opportunities for pupils to represent the school as a team in National Competitions
Essential skills to be taught :
- Program Robots using softwares, e.g. NXT Mindstorm, EV3

Core Values :
Team Spirit Players will learn to work together as a team
Graciousness Players will learn to be humble when they win and to accept defeat graciously
Perseverance Players will have to persevere as training increases in intensity
Self-discipline Players will be self-disciplined to come for training and to improve on their individual programming skills

National Robopreneur Carnival, 2015  - Air Race (Champion)
The team of Suh Joon Won and Tan Yu Yao of 3F won the top spot in the Air Race segment(Open Category).

7th National Robopreneur Carnival - Best Robot Performance
2nd Runner-up
A total of 120 teams from 19 primary schools participated in this competition. Li Guo Lun (6 Care) and Bruce Shen (6 Care) won the 2nd- runner up in the Best Robot Performance category.

Innovation, Design and Engineering - Robotics Challenge

Dean Phua (4C), Lucas Tan (4C), Shyne Siew (5E) and Xu Zhuo (5D), with Principal of Anglican High School.

Special Mention Award >>
Shang Zhan Feng (5D), Donovan Ding( 5E) and Sean Lim (5D)


Best Robot Programming Category - (Intermediate) >>

1st Runner-up
(Members : Shen Bo Wen, Li Guo Lun, Maxcer Ang)
Novice Category >>

Judges' Award

<< Innovation, Design and Engineering Robotics Challenge

Best Competition Score - Champion
Best Programming - 1st Runner-up
(Members: Wu Ching Ee, Rigel Bobis Sumbillo, Lee Wei Long, Blaise Johann Sng)

<< Innovation, Design and Engineering Robotics Challenge

Best Competition Score - 2nd Runner-up
(Members: Darren Hong, Li Guo Lun, Maxcer Ang, Ryan Wong)

Robofest : >>

1st Runner-up in the Introductory Robotics Category.
<< National Robopreneur Carnival
The team of Jin Jin , Bold Dariima and Norman Lim won the Championship Award. They also bagged the top prize in Best Robot Performance Category. One other team also won the 3rd placing in the Best Robot Perfomance Category, and another team won the 3rd placing in the Best Research Category. Well done kids!
A total of more than 300 teams participated in this event. Two teams from the Robotics Club qualified for the finals. Another three teams qualified in the finals of the Best Research, Best Mechanical Design and Best Presentation categories.
The school's teams won the top six spots and another three won consolation prizes. The competition was held at the Singapore Expo during the SITEX 2011.