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Principal's Message

Welcome to Teck Ghee Primary School’s Website!

The TGPS Family celebrated our 15th Anniversary at the end of 2017. Over the past fifteen years, our school has grown to be a reputable school of choice in the community and we take pride in providing a caring and conducive learning environment for all our students. I am indeed humbled and delighted to join the TGPS Family as the school’s 3rd Principal.  

Our vision of “Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Creative Thinkers, Confident Communicators, Lifelong Learners, and Responsible Citizens” is a powerful and relevant one as we are preparing our students for a future that will be very different from today. To be future-ready, we believe that our students need to develop a healthy and inquisitive attitude towards learning from young, and opportunities must be provided for them to discover and be confident about their own strengths so that they can find their purpose in life.  

In TGPS, we place a very high emphasis on the process of learning because learning is not a competition. We believe that every student can learn and we recognise that they can learn in different ways. It is about helping them acquire skillsets that will enable them to learn for life and throughout life. Guided by our motto of “Aspire and Achieve”, we are committed to develop our students holistically so that every one of them can realise their true potential.  

As we start a new year, I would like to share the following quote from a favourite book of mine:

“Having eyes, but not seeing beauty; 
 Having ears, but not hearing music; 
 Having minds, but not perceiving truth; 
 Having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire. 
 These are the things to fear, said the headmaster.” 
 (“Totto-Chan – The Little Girl at the Window” by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi)   

I love it because it is a simple, but yet profound reminder of what being a human could be about – to cultivate the ability to appreciate fully all that are around us, to develop a sharpness of mind to make good sense of the world, and to ignite our hearts with passion so that we can lead a purposeful life. It will take a lifetime for anyone to cultivate these abilities, but in TGPS, we aspire to help all our students begin this journey once they step into our school.  

 With gratitude,  
 Mr. Wong Jia Wang