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Art Club

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, our school’s vision, looks beyond just academic excellence. We provide every child with a holistic education, creating opportunities for them to develop the skills and values that they need for life through various CCAs. In Art Club, pupils are exposed to creative thinking skills and various art forms.      


- To develop the members’ artistic skills through the learning of various art elements and exploration of different art medium.
- To provide opportunities for talented pupils to be art docents (confident communicator) and be involved in the curating process to set up an art exhibition in school.

To be covered in the Art Club sessions:

 ●     Introduction to 2D and 3D art forms
 ●     Artists references (local/international – according to the new art syllabus)
 ●     Art appreciation through learning journeys to museums

Core Values:

Team Spirit

Pupils will learn to create art forms together as a team


Pupils will learn to share various art materials, accept ideas from group mates and work together


Pupils will have to persevere as art making takes time and effort


Pupils will be self-disciplined to make continual progress on their artwork to achieve their final piece

Teachers in charge:

Mdm Lilian Song (I/C), Mdm Rumaizah, Mrs Sharon Jones, Ms Juliana

Commitment Level:

The pupils will attend art club sessions every Monday. Each session lasts 2 hour. Additional sessions will be arranged during the events and exhibitions period for selected pupils. 

Clay 1

Art session (Day and Time): 

Every Monday

1.45 p.m. – 3.45 p.m.

Wednesdays  (For selected pupils participating in events & exhibitions only)

2.15 p.m. - 4.15 p.m.

Progression :


1 - Amateur

2 – Aspire

3 - Achieve


Learning of foundation art making skills and techniques

Training to be art docents, learning more advanced art making techniques

Represent school in art competitions and involved in curating art exhibitions/be art docents

Competition and Past Achievements


SYF Certificate of Recognition (Category A)


Community collaboration with Kindergarten events, Banner designs for Teck Ghee Community Club - presented to PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong


Special Mention for SYF artwork, School Cluster Workshop


SYF Celebrations - Wearable Attire, Art Booth at Ang Mo Kio Neighbourhood Library