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                Percussion CCA is one that provides ample opportunities for pupils to learn the fundamental skills in a fun and engaging way. A professional and experienced coach is employed to teach the pupils. We also seek opportunities for pupils to perform in external events and to attend drum concerts.

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Aim :
  • To equip pupils with the fundamental skills of playing Chinese drums
  • To inculcate in pupils an understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditions and culture via the learning of a traditional Chinese instrument
  • To develop keen hand-eye coordination

Team Spirit
Members will perform as a team

Members will learn to be gracious towards one another

Members will persevere as they learn new drumming skills and techniques

Members will be self-disciplined to come for training and to improve on their individual skills

Past Performances
Pupils have performed during Open School, Teck Ghee CC National Day Dinner, National Poetry On the spot Prize Giving Ceremony, National Day Observance  Ceremony, Welcoming of Taicang Experiemental Primary School, Year End Concerts and Chinese New Year performances.

Performed at Bursary Award Ceremony in Townsville Primary School & Prize Giving Ceremony for the National Inter-Primary On-The-Spot Chinese Poetry Writing Competition.

Performed for the 2016 Year End Concert at Teck Ghee Primary school hall for the Annual Prize Giving Presentation

Performed at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert at the new Singapore Sports Hub: Our People, Our Music.  It has broken the Guinness World Records for the largest Chinese Drum Ensemble and largest Chinese Orchestra Performance.