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Science & Environmental Club

            The Club is involved in a diversity of programmes aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members will contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organise programmes in line with the Club's objectives as well as in participating in hands-on "green" activities. 


        Environmental Club is a CCA that teaches pupils to be environmentally friendly  through reducing, reusing and recycling. Pupils are also taught to be aware of issues such as climate change and global warming.  They also learn about the various biodiversity around them and what they can do to conserve them. 

        ICT and Multimedia is integrated in the environmental activities when pupils are expected to do project based on environmental issues. Furthermore, pupils also create products using recycled materials. Example, students will be tasked to use recycled materials to create toys. Besides  this, pupils are also involved in community services such as litter picking and community engagement such as spreading the importance of conserving water  and  recycling to the public through games and workshop.  


-To promote greater public awareness of and concern for the living and natural environment in our school.


-To encourage our students to be more environmentally conscious and display a greater sense of environmental responsibility.

Core Values:
All the programmes which are planned for our pupils are all in line with our objectives and the help to instill the core values such as team spirit, graciousness, perseverance and self-discipline in our pupils.

 Team SpiritMembers will work together to organise events and activities.
 GraciousnessMembers will learn to encourage and care for fellow members in the CCA.
 PerseveranceMembers will have to persevere as certain activities are challenging
 Self-disciplineMembers will be self-disciplined to come for CCA and to promote environmental messages.