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Scout_Logo.pngThe Teck Ghee Primary Jaguar Cubs Scout unit was started in January 2012. It comprises of 25 boys from different  cultural backgrounds and all of them had no prior experiences in scouting. The teacher-in-charge, Mr Sherhan Suhandi used to be a cadet scout during his primary and secondary school days and decided to start a unit to enable the young boys of this generation get a wholesome experience and a more holistic CCA that caters to their well-being and life-skills.

Over the one year since the unit started, The TGPS Jaguar Cubs has participated in district activities like the STC, Job week and Donation Draw. The boys also contributed a lot to the school by offering their services during school events like ‘food donation drive’, ‘Sports day’ and ‘Founders’ Day Celebration.

The Scouts Unit is a vibrant group of highly enthusiastic boys and leaders alike. Besides learning basic scouting skills such as first aid, outdoor cooking and pioneering, we also instill life values to everyone and leadership skills to the potential leaders.
Through weekly activities, selected activities from hq and yearly camps, it is really a place to have fun and most importantly learn life skills which can be used throughout their lives.