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Sports and Wellness Club

             The Sports and Wellness Club was established with the primary intention to ignite the children’s passion for sports and through this weekly engagement, they will attain the necessary knowledge and realise the importance of leading healthy lifestyles.

Passion for Sports, Passion for Life

           The Sports and Wellness teachers strongly believe that every child has a fundamental love for sports and games. Everyone is capable of learning a new sport and enjoying it. During our sessions, we will expose them to different types of sports and games so that they will know where their interests are and develop them. We hope that all our members will continue to pursue their interest in sports and games even after they have left the school.

Outdoor Activity Day - 

Hike @ Southern Ridges  

               The Sports and Wellness club members went to the Southern Ridges (Henderson Waves) for their annual hike. A total of pupils 27 and 4 teachers went on this hike. The group started their hike from the Hort park and scaled up all the way to the highest point along the Henderson wave bridge. The members got a scenic view of the horizon from the peak of Mt Faber. It was a first time experience for most of the members. The satisfaction of reaching the peak made the pupils forget about their tiredness. It took the H & F members nearly 2 hours to complete the hike.

                 Overall, it was a totally new experience for the members and it certainly beats the monotony of having to do circuit training in school. The members are really looking forward to the next outing scheduled at the end of the year.