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Volleyball Club aims to spark interest and promote the game through the use of fundamental volleyball skills. Volleyball club provides pupils with opportunities to learn about Volleyball on various platforms (through different modified games). Ample opportunities are provided to every pupil to learn about fundamental volleyball techniques such as digging, setting, receiving, to put what they have learned into a gameplay scenario, to learning how to learn, communicate and play together on a day-to-day basis.

Volleyball Club aims to develop confident and keen learner through various means such voluntarily demonstrating a skill taught previously in front of a group of friends, to consistently seeking avenues to learn new skills to further improve themselves.


§  To develop confident individuals, keen learners
§  To spark an interest in learning Volleyball
§  To equip pupils with fundamental volleyball skills such as digging, setting and spiking to play a Volleyball game
§  To breakdown advance skills and introduce them progressively to the students for learning
Essential skills to be taught:
§  Fundamental Volleyball Skills: Dig, Set, Spike
§  Fluid body movements in executing a skill
§  Basic Gameplay Rotation


Core Values:

Team Spirit

Pupils will learn work together as a team to execute/learn a new Volleyball skills.

Pupils will learn to take initiative and communicate efficiently.


Pupils will learn to give positive feedback to their peers.

Pupils will assist peers in learning skills through peer teaching.


Pupils will persevere in the learning/ training of a new Volleyball skill/ drill so as to enhance their techniques


Pupils will be self-disciplined to adhere to rules and regulations set by CCA teachers.

Pupils will be role models within/out of the CCA timeslot.




Teachers in charge:

Mr Melvin Goh, Mrs Valerio Ng                  

Commitment Level: The pupils will attend the weekly CCA on Monday during curriculum time, from 1.45p.m. to 3.45p.m. Each session will last 2 hours.


Session Frequency (Day and Time):

Every Mondays  

1.45 pm - 3.45 pm



At the end of their CCA journey, they should become confident communicators and lifelong learners.


Performances Participated and Past Achievements