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We equip pupils with skills, to allow them to explore their interests, allow for experience of feelings and opportunities for excellence in the arts. Arts being an integral part of our lives play an important role in the holistic development of the child.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): TG-C3

Confident Communicators through Ceramics (TG-C3)

This programme provide opportunities for pupils to pursue deeper learning in their interest  and deepen 21st century competencies:

- Civic Literacy
- Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills
- Critical and Inventive Thinking, Communication
- Collaboration and Information Skills
- Holistic ubject integration
- English (PAVES presentation strategy)
- Art (Ceramics)
- Leadership development (TG-CollAboRaTes)

      Ceramics pieces done by pupils

Ceramics making process and pupils displaying their work proudly   
Pupils presenting their artwork to their peers with confidence