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General Music Programme

Learn it. Love it. Live it.


Every TGPS pupil to be visually literate and be able to appreciate Performing Arts

We provide every TGPS pupils with a positive experience in the Arts and the necessary knowledge and skills to make and appreciate Visual Arts and Performing Arts.


1)      Performance opportunities are created for students in order to give them the stage exposure and for them to learn the importance of perseverance through practices. Students have a sense of empowerment that they are capable of making music for the soul. 

“Bright Spot” is a platform whereby students’ class recording and ensemble works are being featured and broadcasted to the entire school during the last five minutes of the day. 


2)      Mass exposure of students to various performances,  such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), musicians and artists such as Corrine May, Charles Stitch, Tang Quartet etc. This is to cultivate an appreciation for musical performances.

Corrine May.jpgSSO.jpg

A splendid performance by local singer and songwriter, Corrine May.

We privileged to have the Singapore Symphony Orchestra members present a series of delightful classical pieces and a time of interactive and engaging activities.

—Music for the masses:

Learn to make, appreciate and enjoy the Arts in school and beyond

Music for the niche group:

Learn to make, appreciate, enjoy and excel in the Arts in school and beyond. In the Talent Development Programme, students will take the graded ABRSM Singing Exam and obtain the certification.

Music Discovery.jpg
Students spontaneously took initiative to form small groups to make music during their free recess period.

Angklung practice.jpg

A post performance picture taken after a time of reflection to celebrate the joy of making music and performing as a class.

GarageBand Group Work_snip.JPGGarageBand Work pict.jpg

Students learn to work as a team to come up with their own arrangement and recordings of a piece that they can call their own.

Pri 2.jpg

Group work.jpg

Music and movement activities -students dance and use their own beautifully designed sticks to learn about forms of music.