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Values Education

We are committed to provide every TGPS pupil with a good holistic character development to prepare and inspire them to contribute back to family and society.


        Well Done Cards are given to provide positive reinforcements as a form of encouragement for pupils to do good deeds. TGPS Star Class Award and TGPS Star Pupil is awarded every term to pupils who display the school values and have an excellent conduct.



Other than Form Teacher Guidance and Civics and Moral Education lessons which are aimed to inculcate social and moral values, we have various initiatives like the to inculcate a sense of belonging and responsibility as pupils of Teck Ghee Primary. 

TGPS Courtesy.JPG

Pupils practise the TGPS Courtesy on a daily basis and is found in the school diary.



Values in Action

P6 pupils get to set-up a games booth during our Games Carnival day.



P3 pupils get to buddy with their P1 peers to introduce theP1 pupils to familiarise themselves about the school.

As part of our signature programme, C3, all P5 pupils will carry out the Responsible Readers Programme. They  get to read to K2 pupils in the Kindergartens.