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Aligned to our school mission - nurturing creative thinkers, confident communicators, lifelong learners and responsible citizens – there has been a conscientious effort to promote a whole school approach to reading.

The main objective is to inspire self-disciplined and life-long learners in the pupils and to ignite in them the love and passion in reading both English and Mother Tongue books.

In order to promote reading, the school has introduced many initiatives for both the lower and upper primary students in the Media Resource Library.

As a whole school approach, New Arrivals from the library are introduced during the pre-assembly period. Also, thematic book displays are put up in the library termly to expose students to the various genres of books available. In conjunction with it, post-reading worksheets such as colouring sheets, crossword puzzles are placed in the library for students to do after reading.

The school also works closely with the National Library Board to inculcate reading within our students. Some of the programmes include ‘Books 2 Go’, where P2-P5 pupils participate in a two day mass borrowing, ‘Read, Reap, Write’ and ‘What a Wonderful Read’ where pupils learn about the different genres of books.

Library ambassadors from each class are also sent for workshops to learn about the types of books that are suitable for storytelling. They learn various techniques to aid in storytelling, such as how voice alternation would make the story more interesting for listeners, or how props such as origami and whiteboards could help to tell stories vividly. They will then share what they have with the classmates through their book talk. 

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