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Information Communication Technology

Teck Ghee Primary School’s ICT programme aims is to enrich and transform the learning environment of our pupils and equip them with the critical 21st century competencies and dispositions to succeed in a knowledge economy by becoming self-directed learners and by collaborating with their peers. The ICT department is committed to provide active and meaningful learning experiences to make learning more authentic to pupils.

Usage of ICT tools for Collaboration

Our school uses web-based collaborative tools such as Google application and Padlet to facilitate collaboration amongst pupils and teachers. With these tools, pupils can key in comments, which can be viewed instantly by their peers, before they present their group's views to the class. The use of the collaborative tools encourages maximum and equal participation for the masses. The use of these tools also allows pupils to make their thinking visible and it is a platform for pupils to synthesize and consolidate thinking which promotes deeper learning.




As we move towards building a Smart Nation, we need people to be familiar with tech skills and who are also sensitive to how tech can be applied to improve living. Our children will also need to be more familiar with computational thinking as it becomes an increasingly essential part of our lives.

Tapping on the Code@SG movement, we introduce coding and computational thinking skills to our pupils through a combination of robotic clubs, competitions and enrichment programmes, such as, Code for Fun. 


Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning in and out of the classroom is enriched through the use of the school’s Learning Management System (LMS) which contains a rich array of teaching and learning resources contributed by our staff. Primary 1 to 6 pupils can also access the system to perform online tasks, such as quizzes and forums or carry out their home-based learning during the term holidays and in times of crisis.

Here is a link to our learning management system: MC Online