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Educational Tour to Taicang Experimental School 2012

Taicang 20122



Overseas Twinning Programme 2012

with Taicang Experimental Primary School, Suzhou, China


            Taicang Experimental Primary School is one of the top 10 primary schools in Suzhou province, China. This is the 7h year that our school is partnering with Taicang Experimental Primary School to carry out the Twinning programme. Through this programme, we wish to widen the horizon of our students, and prepare them for the challenges of globalization. The duration of our trip will be from 19 to 26 May 2012.

 Learning Objectives:

 Through this programme, we want to achieve the following objectives:

  • Pupils will learn scientific knowledge and enhance environmental awareness using Chinese as the medium of instruction.
  • Pupils will learn to think and live independently under various planned activities.
  • Pupils will get to share and learn about the differences in culture, customs and values, through reflections and interactions with Taicang pupils, and have a globalised outlook.
  • Pupils will internalize our school values (Team spirit, Graciousness, Perseverance and Self-discipline) in them through participation in school activities.

 Learning Activities:

           Our pupils will arrange pupils to undergo immersion programme, experience modern farm life, 4 nights of home stay and learning journey. The pupils are required to complete a Science project after the trip.

Highlights of Day 1 and 2

Highlights of Day 3, 4 and 5