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Engaged Learners, Life-Long Problem Solvers 

In Teck Ghee Primary School, we aim to create a positive mathematical experience that will allow students to reason, communicate and think critically to prepare them to be life-long problem solvers and at the same time develop their numeracy skills and prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Meaningful Experiential and Authentic Learning

Activity-Based lessons are carefully designed to create authentic learning experiences for the pupils. The use of visual representations using concrete manipulatives makes learning a more hands-on learning experience. Learners will then be able to understand the pictorial examples by relating to concrete examples and apply them to abstract Mathematical concepts.


Using number cards to learn the concept of whole numbers



                                 Learning the concept of mass                                                                      Using non-standard units                               

Developing Problem Solvers through Heuristics and Investigative Tasks

Excel in Heuristics is an in-house heuristics programme designed to equip our learners with strategies to solve mathematical problems. Different heuristics have been identified at different levels to ensure that pupils are equipped with the necessary skills when doing word problems. Our in-house worksheets are designed by our teachers to cater to the different abilities and needs of our pupils. A spiral approach is adopted in the design of the programme to ensure that pupils build on their skills over the six years in Teck Ghee Primary School.


Math for all!

To cater to the varying abilities and interests of our Math learners, various programmes are implemented to suit these learning needs. They include:

• Math Olympiad Courses
• Differentiated Curriculum
• Learning Support Programme

Through these programmes, we aim to provide additional support or stretch capacities according to the learners’ needs.

Math Olympiad Courses

Our Math Olympiad courses are organised for pupils in Primary 4 to 6 levels. The aim of the programme is to build on the interest in Mathematics among pupils and provide them with an opportunity to identify and explore their talents in Mathematics.

Differentiated Curriculum

P3 to P6 pupils are banded into the various learning groups to allow teachers to better customise teaching instructions, resources and activities to meet pupils’ needs. Pupils will have the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Learning Support Programme (LSM)

The Learning Support Programme aims to support Primary 1 and 2 pupils who have some difficulty in basic numeracy and build confidence and positive beliefs about their ability in Math. The LSM lessons are conducted in smaller-sized classes. This programme gives the pupils more opportunities to experience success in Mathematics through vibrant LSM lessons with more focus on the use of hands-on experiences.