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Mother Tongue

Nurturing Active Learners and Proficient Users  

We promote greater interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages, its cultures and instill positive values through these various programmes.

Chinese Language

  • Reading Programme

A “Reading Passport” is given to each pupil to track his/her self/family reading through activities found in the “Reading Passport”.  This passport assists in guiding pupils to select appropriate books to read.

This whole-school approach to instill good reading habits aims to achieve the objectives: Read for Joy (P1 and P2), Read for Understanding (P3 and P4) and Read for life (P5) to learn about new perspectives and ideas.  


  • Mother Tongue Fortnight and Language Camp

Chinese Language

Specific learning experiences are designed for the pupils so that they could be immersed in the learning environment and benefit from the learning of Chinese Language and Culture.


Malay Language


Tamil Language

Chinese Language

  • Thematic Reading
Reading selections based on a definite concept or theme exposes pupils to a variety of nonfiction and fictional genres so that pupils can decipher an author's message in a particular piece of writing.

  • Internationalization Programme - Overseas Study Trip to China, Suzhou Taicang Experimental School
Pupils get to share and learn about the differences in culture, customs, values and norms, through reflections and interactions with local pupils, and have a better globalized outlook. They  learn to think and live independently under various planned activities. Pupils will internalize our school values through participation in various activities.

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