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Teaching & Learning

Homework Policy

Click here for more information.

Sexuality Education

Click here to find out more about Sexuality Education in MOE as well as in TGPS.

Student Learning Space

You can find out about how to set up your child/ward's account and frequently asked questions in the student guide here.

If your child/ward has forgotten their password, they will be able to reset their password if they have entered their email address into SLS. Once the password has been reset, the new password will be sent to the email indicated. To register your email with SLS, you may refer to this guide.

School Continuity Plan for Haze Situation

MOE, in consultation with NEA, has provided all schools with guidelines to adhere to for outdoor activities, according to the various haze situations.

MOE health advisories.jpg
Read about how the haze will affect the body.
how haze affect the body.jpg 
The following groups should remain indoors and keep activity levels low:
  • People with heart or lung disease
  • Children and older adults.

Everyone else should avoid all physical activity outdoors.
For more information on what we can do to protect ourselves from the haze, check out what  precautions we can take!
You can also access latest PSI updates through the following channels:
Weather@SG website
NEA Twitter
- NEA Call Centre at 6225 5632
- NEA myENV App on iPhone and Android
NEA Online feedback Form

For emergencies, the public can also contact: 
Singapore Civil Defence Force Hotline: 995