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Key Programmes for the Art Department

In Teck Ghee Primary School, our Visual Art curriculum is planned with the MOE’s values and aims for Art Education in mind. 

The value of Art in curriculum:


  • fosters students’ sense of identity, culture and place in society  

  • builds students’ capacity to critically discern and process visual information, and communicate effectively in the 21st century and

  • expands imagination and creativity 

The aims of art education in TGPS are to enable every child to: 

  • enjoy art,  

  • communicate visually, and  

  • make meaning through connecting with society and culture.

Art Syllabus Framework


In TGPS, we follow the Art Syllabus Framework above. Some broad learning areas that our pupils go through in their 6-year artistic journey are:

-        Drawing

-        Painting

-        Ceramics

-        Photography

-        Artists & their artworks

-        Digital Art and animation (stop motion)