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Uniformed Groups

Girl Guides (Brownies)

Girl Guides (Brownies) CCA is a uniformed group for young girls in the Primary Schools. It is under Girl Guides, an educational youth Movement.  It provides opportunities for girls to develop leadership and decision-making as well as life skills through activities such as games, crafts work and learning journeys.


  • To enable girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

  • To cultivate students to find happiness in helping others.


Core Values:

Team Spirit

Brownies will learn to work together as a Brownie Pack.


Brownies will learn to provide service to the school and community.


Brownies do not give up easily.


Brownies will always uphold the Brownie Law.


Teachers in charge: Mdm Poonguzhali (I/C), Mdm Punitha

Training Frequency (Day and Time) : Every Monday, 2.00pm – 4.00pm 



Tweenie (First Year)



New member, required to complete Golden Badge Test

Required to complete Golden Bar and Golden Hand Tests, Proficiency Badges tests


TGPS Scouts has a long history of nurturing young men into responsible and dedicated citizens of our country. In line with TGPS’s values, our scouts are trained to ‘Be Prepared’. This is the scout’s motto and our cub scouts are constantly challenged to live up to that motto. In TGPS we train our cub scouts to be future leaders and responsible citizens.


  • To equip pupils with important life skills.

  • To develop pupils’ ability to communicate and make friends through the Scouting movement.

  • To provide opportunities for scouts to be involved in the activities carried out internally and externally

  • To inculcate values in every Scout based on the Scout Promise and Scout Law.

Essential skills to be taught : Basic life-skills like outdoor-cooking, camp-craft and a lot more of skills to be taught and inculcated during the weekly meetings and also through the camps participated. The whole Arrow badge structure enables the Scout to grow holistically.


Core Values:

Team Spirit

Scouts will learn to work together as a group


Scouts will learn to be humble when they play win and to accept defeat graciously. They are also taught to be tolerant towards one another regardless of race, language or religion.


Scouts will have to persevere as they are earning their different badges and has to complete all tasks given to them.


Scouts will be self-disciplined to come for weekly meetings and to ensure that whatever that is expected of them are being practised.

Teachers in charge: Mr Sherhan (I/C), Mr Ong Dunming


Commitment Level: The pupils will attend weekly meetings on Monday afternoons for 2 hours. Additional meetings will be held mostly on Saturdays should there be any external events that the unit is participating in namely, Campfires, Camps and Field Day.

Training Frequency (Day and Time) : Every Monday, 2.00pm – 4.00pm 





Bronze Arrow

Silver Arrow

Gold Arrow

Akela Award


By Default, at the end of the first year, all members will earn the Bronze arrow.

Members who attained the Bronze Arrow will be able to embark on earning the Silver Arrow Award

Members who attained the Silver Arrow will be able to embark on earning the Gold Arrow Award

P6 members who already attained the Gold Arrow will be earmarked to attain the highest Award that is the Akela Award before they enter Secondary School education.


External Achievements


Entered the 3D Car Derby Competition and Attained 2 Gold awards and 1 Bronze Award.