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Music in TGPS

In TGPS, we strive to develop character and build capability and capacity of every student holistically. A tiered approach is adopted to teach Music, building on fundamentals and musical skills. We provide opportunities for collaborative learning among students through participation in ensemble performances in both instrumental and vocal settings. 

Through designing student-centric activities, we hope to equip students with skills to understand musical elements and concepts. Students are given the music exposure by learning a variety of instruments and learn to appreciate the Arts through various platforms.


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  • Aesthetics week

  • Mass music assembly (music exposure)

  • Marvellous Monday (music appreciation)

  • Bright Spot

From our Students to You

The following song is performed by our students as part of their ukulele programme. They also wrote its lyrics. The design brief was to send a positive encouragement to their peers in this challenging period. What better way to pen down our thoughts through a song and to look back at this period, knowing that we have grown together not only mentally, emotionally but also musically.

Music Reflections