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Clubs and Societies


Art Club

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, our school’s vision, looks beyond just academic excellence. We provide every child with a holistic education, creating opportunities for them to develop the skills and values that they need for life through various CCAs. In Art Club, pupils are exposed to creative thinking skills and various art forms.



The main objectives of the choir CCA serves to develop an appreciation for the Arts and to maximize students’ potential in Performing Arts. Furthermore, through the various platforms of performances, students with promising abilities are given opportunities to develop to their personal best. The weekly trainings serve to provide opportunities for talented students to represent the school in the Singapore International Choral Festival or the Singapore Youth Festival Presentation.


English Club

English Club aims to promote the use of English and provide pupils with opportunities to use English purposefully in various platforms. Ample opportunities are provided to help pupils learn about communication through voice projection and facial expressions, to script writing and delivering lines on stage before a group of audience. 



Professional and experienced instructors are engaged to guide members in the acquisition of relevant skills. Members have staged countless performances in school and at national platforms.


Science and Environmental Club

The Club is involved in a diversity of programmes aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members will contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organise programmes in line with the Club's objectives as well as in participating in hands-on "green" activities. 


Sports and Wellness Club

The Sports and Wellness Club was established with the primary intention to ignite the children’s passion for sports and through this weekly engagement, they will attain the necessary knowledge and realise the importance of leading healthy lifestyles.


Infocomm and Media Club

The Infocomm and Media Club aims to teach pupils about developing their skills, passions and interests in videography and photography, as well as in other areas related to Infocomm.


Robotics Club

Club offers ample opportunities for pupils to learn the fundamental skills  of programming and the assembly of Lego bricks in a fun and engaging way. Pupils can learn the programming of Robots to perform specific functions of a desired task. 



Percussion CCA is one that provides ample opportunities for pupils to learn the fundamental skills in a fun and engaging way. A professional and experienced coach is employed to teach the pupils. We also seek opportunities for pupils to perform in external events and to attend drum concerts.