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Deep Learning 

TGPS deep learning journey aims at growing teachers and students who are lifelong learners; teachers with a deep learning mindset and students with engagement in deep learning process. 

A teacher who has a deep learning mindset designs meaningful lessons which are student centric. Deep learning teachers are focused on promoting meaning and understanding and on making connections and building relationships between important information and ideas. Students are given opportunities to process information and ideas as they develop and use literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. Efforts are made to apply what is being learned to real life situations. Teachers in TGPS have also adopted the blended learning approach to harness technology and ensure learning is a blend of online and offline. 

In TGPS, students are engaged in the learning process as they are given greater opportunity to ask questions, construct meaning, talk to and learn from and with one another, find alternatives and solutions, provide their own insights and solutions, and think deeply about the topic of study. Generally, they are more independent learners, thoughtful and collaborative.