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Vision: learn it. Love it. Live it.

Our mission is to provide learning opportunities for all, to balance rigour with joy of learning and empower our students to acquire effective English language and communication skills for their social, academic and professional lives.

Key Programmes:

In Teck Ghee Primary School, learning the language is fun! The process of deep learning can take place when English is taught in a non-threatening environment. Then, the love for the language will grow and with it, greater self-esteem and confidence. When students are confident in using the language, they will be able to embrace English as part of their everyday life.


  • Read & Relish
  • Teachers Read Too
  • MRL / NLB Activities; Book Buzz and Thematic Displays etc
  • Supplementary Reading Materials


  • Creative Writing with 6 Traits of Writing
  • WOW (Wonders of Writing using colourful semantics)
  • Journaling


  • Book Talk
  • Let’s Talk / Pick and Talk
  • The Art of Communication through Multimedia
  • Wonderful Wednesday

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LAF@TGPS (Literary Arts Festival)

A Literary Arts Festival @ TGPS is a wonderful way to provide learning experiences for TGStars and make learning English more fun. There is a range of activities, from language games to storytelling to creative writing.

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