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Innovation in TGPS


As we move towards building a Smart Nation, we need people to be familiar with tech skills and who are also sensitive to how tech can be applied to improve living. Our children will also need to be more familiar with computational thinking as it becomes an increasingly essential part of our lives.

Our P6 students are involved in the Code for Fun Programme as part of their Post PSLE activity.  In the videos below, our students are learning about Computational Thinking through Sphero

Maker Programmes

During recess, students are able to go to the iSpace room to try out different maker activities and learn about innovation.

ispace 3.jpgiSpace 4.jpg

They are also involved in the building of our lego wall. In the following video, students and teachers work together to build a wall honouring our SG Heroes.

iMAD Day

iMad Day is a day dedicated to Innovation, Music, Art, and Dance, usually held during our Back-to-School Programme. Our aim is to expose students to different art and music forms and to encourage creativity and self-expression through art and music creation and innovation.

Here are some of our highlights: