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Learn For Life Programme

The Art of Communication using Multimedia is a Learning for Life Programme at TGPS which focuses on using multimedia to communicate and share information. The focus on multimedia is shaped by the changing student profile, the need to provide learning opportunities for all and the need to balance rigour with the joy of learning.

As tomorrow’s leaders, students need to be skilled communicators. At TGPS, we want our students to speak and represent their points of view coherently and confidently while taking into account the appropriate social conventions. After all, communication is one of the desired outcomes for 21st century learners in Singapore. At the end of their six-year primary school education, we aim for all students:

  • To acquire skills to create and present
  • To develop an interest in exploring different forms of multimedia tools such as digital doodling and drawing, animation, videography, and photo art,
  • To possess values, dispositions and skills to listen actively to different perspectives and be empathetic ; communicate confidently and effectively
  • To develop awareness and better understanding of the communities they live in and take an active part in bettering lives around them