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Positive Education

Positive Education (PosEd) @ TGPS aims to provide holistic development of students through positive school experiences, ensuring students' social emotional needs are met. Through various strategies, platforms and explicit teaching of skills, we aim to inculcate the various learning dispositions and values in each and every child.

It is our joy and pride to see all students, by the end of their six-year journey at TGPS, become TGStars - A well-rounded leader who is a Team player, Gracious, Self-Disciplined, Creative Thinker, Active Learner and Resilient.


Back-to-School (BTS) Programme @ TGPS

Do you feel blue and anxious to return to school and/or work after a long holiday break? At TGPS, students and staff look forward to the well anticipated Back-to-School activities at the start of each semester.

The bi-annual Back-to-School (BTS) Programme aims to:

  1. ease and transit our students smoothly back to the school environment after a long school break
  2. support every teacher to be a CCE teacher
  3. strengthen the teacher-student relationship (TSR) and the student-student relationship (SSR)

The activities in the programme focus on four broad areas, namely,...

  1. fostering the TSR and SSR
  2. inculcation of skills and value
  3. curriculum integration
  4. well-being of the students.

Through these innovative and meaningful activities, students are ushered into a new semester in readiness to learn, coupled with a higher level of motivation, thus allowing meaningful teaching and learning to take place.