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Primary 2


VIA Booklets

• Includes tasks that shows how our pupils put our school values into their everyday actions. 

• Activities target at simple Housekeeping skills that are progressive from what they have done in P1.

Pupils will learn to be more responsible and have better sense of ownership in  managing themselves as well as helping others around them. [Eg: Family]In Primary 2, pupil’s impact level would expand from themselves to helping their immediate environment such as their family. As such, their skills and activities will be targeted at how they can play their part at home by performing simple household chores.

Collaboration with SPCA

· Pupils will create a pledge against animal abuse/ responsible pet ownership.

· Pupils will set up booths at the canteen to promote this awareness to the rest of the school.

· They will be distributing bookmarks, paper origami that they have already made with inspirational messages to the rest of the school.

The P2s will be the school’s  ambassadors for promoting the awareness of community issue (Animal care).  They will realise that they can contribute back to society in their own little way.The school believes that progressing from Primary 1, the P2s should be able to contribute slightly more within their area of community focus. Hence, we wanted to give them the ownership of being advocates of responsible pet ownership.