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Primary 4


Use Your Hands Campaign

• Classes are scheduled to clean the canteen tables after the first recess bell goes off

• They will wipe the tables and proceed to their classes when the 2 nd  bell is rung.

Collaboration with AMK Town council

• To curb their high rise littering issue, our pupils will help to promote awareness about recycling.

• Create interactive recycling bins / video awareness about high-rise littering.

• Project Work

Pupils will understand how important it is to keep their environment clean  and we hope that through this, we can also raise our pupils’ awareness about food wastage.

Our P4 level is involved in projects to benefit our immediate neighbourhood,  Ang Mo Kio. Hence, we partnered the Town council to help the residents with any of their impending issue.

P4 level is exposed to many different forms of learning opportunities in school. Coding is one example of it. Hence, we wanted to incorporate this into a project that would benefit the neighbourhood as well. In order to raise the awareness of the residents about recycling, we decided to create ‘Talking Bins’ to attract and educate the residents about recycling.