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Primary 5


Motivational Posters / Survival Kit

• Pupils will create motivational posters to encourage their P6 peers to persevere for their PSLE

• Presented to the P6s before their Prelims

Provide a strong sense of  support for their peers  in this crucial period of time.We believe that projects that involves students, doing for students has a great impact and peers are able to influence each other to a very great extent. This will definitely motivate the P6s to excel further.

Collaboration with Council for Third Age; Intergenerational learning workshops

• Students conduct workshops to engage the elderly [ILP Workshops]

• Workshops titles are based on ICT as well as Art and Craft subjects.

• Eg: Smart phones for smart seniors

• Eg: Fun with Clay

• Elderly are engaged by the pupils for 2 sessions.

The  elderly citizens in the neighbourhood  will get to learn a skill from our pupils.The school is situated in a location where it surrounded by higher percentage of elderly citizens. As such, we wanted our upper primary pupils to focus on the aged within the neighbourhood instead of picking any other organisation at random. Activities such as workshops being organised by students for the elderly will not only benefit the elderly but we believe that the pupils can also learn a lot from them. This two way partnership allows for greater learning to take place and such experiential learning speaks volumes within the child’s holistic development.