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Primary 6


Service Learning Projects

• Classes will be given different topics to choose from

•       Elderly

•       Disabled

•       Environment

•       Animal Protection

•       Gallery walk about these 4 posters in class and pupils will try to convince their classmates on why their chosen topic has higher needs to be addressed.

• Pupils will be provided with 2 workshops to help them understand their intended audience better

• Ageing simulation workshop

  Simulate the difficulties of an elderly and the common struggles that they face.

• Blindfold Lunch [1.5h]

 Simulate the difficulties of a blind person and their daily struggles

  Also get to learn about common eye conditions in Asia as well as eye care tips.  

 Each class will then embark on one topic and will try to work with an organisation to address the needs of the respective chosen topic.

Pupils will be involved in projects that will impact different communities within the society.The five years of learning would have allowed our pupils to understand the challenges faced by different communities. We believe that with the knowledge that they have acquired, they will be able to be involved in meaningful projects that will serve the needs of the community.