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Parent Support Group

Our School recognizes parents as partners for all collaborative efforts. The Parent Support Group (PSG) helps the school in many ways such as volunteering as Traffic Warden, manning the library, conducting Mathematics workshops, painting murals, helping out in the Learning Support Programme and maintaining orderliness in the canteen during recess.

PSG Logo


The parent’s involvement in the school sends a clear signal to the pupils our deep concern for them. This will in turn encourage them to adopt positive attitudes towards learning. In the PSG, parents support and learn from each other. When school personnel and parents work together, they complement each other’s strengths and gain a common vision towards improving the school – all for the betterment of our pupils’ education. The three pairs of hands in the logo symbolizes the strong partnership between the school and parents in the interest of the pupils in the school.

2019 PSG Core Members

2019 PSG Core Members.jpg

2019 PSG Liaison for Learning Journey

2019 PSG LJ Liason.jpg


Helping out in  Food from the Heart Donation Drive

PSG@work Food from the Heart Donation 2018.jpg

Involvement in Total Defence Day Commemoration 

TDD Event.jpg

Helping out in Learning Journeys

PSG@work in LJ_final.jpg

PSG Newsletter

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