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Principal's Message

WJW Portrait.jpgNurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today 

In TGPS, we believe that every child can realise his or her potential to shine brightly, and we aspire to bring out the star quality in each of them.   We recognise that every child is different in their own unique ways, and therefore are capable of learning and can learn in different ways too.

Hence, we take immense joy and professional pride in providing the most conducive environment for students to learn in and for educators to teach in.  We pay great attention to how we can continually deepen learning in and out of the classrooms in a positive and caring environment.  We also instil in our students the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle and we provide learning opportunities for every student to experience the joy of learning for life.

We place a high emphasis on the process of learning because we believe that learning is not a competition.  Through our various holistic programmes and activities that are thoughtfully curated by our team of dedicated teachers and staff, we are confident that all our students will, by the end of their six-year journey with us, become TGStars - A well-rounded leader who is a Team player, Gracious, Self-Disciplined, Creative Thinker, Active Learner and Resilient.

In becoming a TGStar, we believe that our students will be well-positioned to serve and lead in whichever capacity that they so wish to in future when they have the opportunity to contribute to our society both locally and globally.

At the same time, we are also very clear that we do not do all these alone.  Hence, we are very grateful that in this endeavour, we have parents, stakeholders and the community partners who have given us their utmost support and understanding as we partner together for the education of all our children in TGPS.

“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood
and don't assign them tasks and work,
but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

I would like to end off with this quote from the famous French aviator and author of ‘The Little Prince’, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, as I feel that it is very apt in reminding us that when we encourage children to discover and cultivate their interests, passion and a love for life, they will be motivated to Aspire and Achieve to realise their dreams.  This will be how TGPS is committed in nurturing our students to become Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!

With gratitude,
Mr. Wong Jia Wang

School Leaders

Principal Mr Wong Jia Wang   tgps@moe.edu.sg
Vice Principal
 Mdm Raps Azrinah  tgps@moe.edu.sg
Vice Principal
 Mr Tan Chuan Yang  tgps@moe.edu.sg