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Cyber Safety

Our Cyberwellness Pledge

The Internet is where I can learn and play. I pledge to have good and healthy online habits and to make it safe for me and you:


  • I will keep my personal information (e.g. name, age, address, phone number, photograph) private.
  • I will only chat online with people I know in real life and avoid meeting up with anyone I do not know in real life.


  • I will obey the age requirements of all online accounts (e.g. social media, video, chat services).
  • I will practise healthy online habits (e.g. limit my time online, take regular breaks from online activities, avoid Internet use before bedtime).


  • I will show respect when communicating online.
  • I will seek permission to use other people’s work online and give credit to other people’s work that I use online.

positive influence.JPG

  • I will make positive and healthy choices on the activities that I do online.
  • I will report to a trusted adult if I see anything online that makes me or my friends feel angry, sad, or uncomfortable.