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Reading Programme

In order to promote reading, the school has introduced many initiatives for both the lower and upper primary students in the Media Resource Library.

Since 2014, the English Language Department and Mother Tongue Department came up with a Reading Programme to promote the reading culture in the school. Pupils are encouraged to complete the activities in their Read & Relish booklets and Reading Passport. Points are earned for each activity they complete. After each term, they will be able to redeem attractive gifts from the library based on their reward card. This programme has received positive responses from the pupils. 


Accelerated Reader Guided Reading Programme

It is a computer based reading information system (Accelerated Reader) that motivates and requires pupils to go online to answer quizzes related to the books they have read.  The grades are linked to the reading abilities of pupils. The system is able to collect, track and sort the data pertaining to pupils’ reading and comprehension skills.